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Offices: Offices need bright lighting which is recessed into the ceiling or ceiling tiles. Troffers are installed in these circumstances which use diffussed fluoroscent lighting. L.E.D. downlights which use muchless energy than the helogen downlights are also utilised in areas to light up displays and also for general lighting. Also PLC downlights which again uses fluoroscent lighting.

Shops: Shops with high volume display areas need very bright lighting fittings. Such as square shop lighters which use hologen lamps & now are also avaible in LED. Low voltage downlights, fluoroscent lighting and track lighting can also serve as useful in different areas around the shop. Neon signs look great out the front of the shop to attract customers

Factories: Factories need light which is of high wattage as they all seem to have very high ceilings and large open spaces. High bay light fittings offer high wattage lighting using mercury vapour metal halide lighting.

Exit & Emergency Light Fittings: These fittings need to be installed in all industrial and commercial buildings where people need to exit the building in an emergency. These are mandatory fittings which clearly indicate all exits within a building. Emergency lighting energies through a battery back up when the power goes out.  In line with fire and building regulations the emergency lighting is tested regularly and results recorded in a log book kept on site.

Commercial & Industrial lighting covers a broad range of products and services which are used in the workplace. Commercial lighting is used for many different areas of the workplace such as reception areas, surgeries, hospitals, car parks, offices, work stations, factories, coolrooms, shops, garages, shopping centres etc.

In order to have a safe but effective workplace the lighting needs to be suitable to its environment while still serving its purpose. With such a large range of lighting products suitable for your commercial and industrial needs expert advice is a must to minimise overall costs.


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Did you know

If you are an owner of a building, business or a person occupying, a building or business you have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of any person in that building in the avent of a fire or hazardous material emergency.

Australian electrical safety standard (AS/NZS 2293.2:1995) recommend an emergency exit light inspection and testing and maintenance at regular intervals.

Don't ignore!

Power surges, equipment turning off or slowing down, improper working of a power outlet or a lack of stability in the power system can cause massive damage such as an electrical fire or loss of data  through the electronics devices which have become central to our lives.

Don't neglect maintenance

Electrical maintenance covers everything from regularly changing burnt out lights, testing large electrical systems and testing and recording emergency exit lights which needs to be carried out by trained professionals. 

Safety Education

A safety switch is designed to cut the power to an electrical circuit in as little as 0.05 of a second in the event of an electrical shock. However despite the fact that only 60 per cent of homes have safety switches fitted, independent research commissioned for this report indicates that more than 80 per cent of home owners believe they are well protected from electrical injury in their own homes.

This statistic betrays a fundamental disconnect in the Australian community between perception and reality.  This report produced by Master Electrician's Australia believes that customer education is paramount in the area of safety. 

They say that the disconnect may be caused by confusion among home owners as to what safety switch (which protects people) and circuit breakers (which only protects electrical appliances)

At Your Service

Del Electrics will service your safety services and provide 6 monthly and 12 monthly periodic maintenance and inspection to provide you with peace of mind that your staff and or customers can exit an unsafe environment safely.  Many dangerous situations can be avoided by providing that " duty of care " by making sure all lights be maintaned and functioning in accordance with the Australian standards AS/NZS 2293.2:1995.

  • Inspect lights with fluorescent lamps,for excessive end blackening,even if the lamps are still operational these must be replaced
  • ensure the diffuser is not blocked or obstructed by anything or broken,faded or unrecognizable.
  • perform manual discharge to stimulate power failure and ensure  battery charger operation light is working correctly.
  • record any defects,repair or replace any lights within the required 30 day period
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