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Comercial & Industrial Power

Some examples of products and equipment used within the commercial & Industrial premises are:

  • 3 phase switchboards
  • 3 phase wall mounted/ suspended power points
  • 3 phase isolators
  • 3 phase hoists
  • 3 phase reays
  • 3 phase air conditioners and heating
  • 3 phase cutting saw
  • 3 phase compressors
  • 3 phase ovens

    Commercial & Industrial equipment will often need to be tested and tagged which certifies that the equipment is electrically safe to use. Testing and tagging can be done monthly, 3 monthly or yearly depending on what the equipment is and what type of premises it is.

  • Commercial & Industrial power covers a large range of areas within a workplace utilising a range of electrical products.

    Most commercial & industrial premises require 3 phase power because of the size and production demand. 3 phase power allows for a premises to operate 3 phase machinery and gives more access to more power.

    Commercial & Industrial premises often need to have specialty products and equipment installed so therefore expert advice is a must. Electrical power products and equipment are bigger and more expensive and take longer to install than that of domestic.

    DeL Electrics have had a large range of experience in dealing with Commercial and Industrial power over the past 30 years. If you need any information on the services we offer ring the Electrician direct on 0414 742 290 or ask us for a quote.

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