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Domestic Power

  • Powerpoints: are located all throughout the home which are needed in order to give power to the essential electrical appliances. These come in a number of varied forms ranging from different colours, shades, shapes and contrasts.They come in single, double or quadruple outlet facility. Weatherproof powerpoints are also available to use in wet areas and outdoors.
  • Switchboards: Play a vital part in the control and safety of all a homes electrical cabling and equipment. A switchboard is made up of a main switch, circuit breakers and safety switches which are contained in enclosures usually located in a central position within a home.

  • Hardwired appliances: Various appliances throughout the home are wired direct, such items may be ovens, spas and hot water units. These items don't require the use of a power point and are not required to be protected by safety switches.

  • Electric Ovens: Customers often want to convert their ovens from gas to electric. Electric oven cooking seems to be more even and easier to control (temperatures, fan forced). Electric ovens are cheaper to run and offer a range of cooking styles which are suited to various types of food preparation and cooking. Electric ovens have to be put on their own electric circuit, which means that a cable/wire has to be installed running from the switchboard to the oven position within the kitchen.

  • Heating and cooling is a big part of DeL Electrics business. We can install your own personal fans and airconditioning units or we can find one for you. Very useful in these hot summers to come. Get organised early so you don't have to put up with the heat. There are systems that can attend to your heating and cooling together, these are called reverse cycle units.

    More and more people are creating indoor/outdoor rooms with lighting, heaters and fans under their pergolas on deck areas


    It's important to keep the electrical services in your home up to date. Lifestyle changes have placed more demands on the once moderate electrical needs within the family home. With family safety in mind at a time when more gadgets are left on standby, computers, heating, airconditionering are a growing requirement. There is more lighting within the home and in the garden, it is an ever present responsibility to update switchboards and install safety switches. Power is an essential part of every home and contributes to our everyday lives. At DeL Electrics we strive to achieve solutions to all the customers power needs and at the same time meet safe and efficient outcomes.. A homes' power needs are made up of many different electrical products which are located throughout the home. Power consumption is utilized through a number of essential electrical products and services that people want and need to run a home and /or office.



    A home's initial power connection is located at the front of the home on the facia boards up near the roof (called a mains box where the providers cable joins onto the customer cable.) The amount of power or amps a home is allowed to draw at one time is determined by the size of this cable ad therefore many homes are updating this cable because of higher demand from modern day livng. For more information on services we can offer you regarding your power at home phone the Electrician direct on 0414 742 290 or get a quote now.

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