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Speaker Cabling:

This refers to cabling which is used to operate stereo systems and home theatre systems. This cable can be installed anywhere speakers are needed around the home or maybe in your shop.

Pay TV and Broadband Cabling:
This refers to the cabling between a homes TV aerial and the TV points within the home. A home can have as many TV points as desired but boosters are sometimes needed to boost the signal. Pay TV and Broadband cabling refers to the cabling which runs from the front of the house to each Pay TV or Broadband outlets within the home. Care must be taken when dealing with these cables therefore it is important to hire a professional to install them correctly.

Enter the 21st Century with a wide screen TV and surround sound.

Control all your entertainment with one system. Contact DeL Electrics to install your entertainment equipment. DeL electrics can also assist you with your sound systems at home or in your shop.


If you need any information on the services we offer ring the Electrician directon 0414 742 290 or ask us for a quote.



It's important to keep the electrical services in your home up to date. Lifestyle changes have placed more demands on the once moderate electrical needs within the family home. With family safety in mind at a time when more gadgets are left on standby, computers, heating, airconditionering are a growing requirement. There is more lighting within the home and in the garden, it is an ever present responsibility to update switchboards and install safety switches. Power is an essential part of every home and contributes to our everyday lives. At DeL Electrics we strive to achieve solutions to all the customers power needs and at the same time meet safe and efficient outcomes. A homes' power needs are made up of many different electrical products which are located throughout the home. Power consumption is utilized through a number of essential electrical products and services that people want and need to run a home and /or office.

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